【Y’s Project 】Onna Ariki Special Edition Listener’s Voice 01

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Title:Onna Ariki Special Edition Listener’s Voice 01

Maker:Y’s Project

Release date:2019/12/21
Genre:Maniac/pervert\r\n, indecentlanguage\r\n, Tools/Foreignobjects\r\n, onanism\r\n, lewd\r\n, Gokkun/Shokuzer\r\n

This is the audio of a masturbation demonstration by the rare masturbator “Yuki".

This time it’s a special edition!

Yuki selfishly masturbates to her fantasies based on the wishes she receives from listeners (DLSite ratings & comments).

Fuck with a dildo made by freezing semen.

She pushed the whisk into her vagina, sprayed her with cum and made a milkshake.

This is the content.

Thank you so much for your message.

Yuki seemed to be very excited and was masturbating like crazy, lol.

Please listen to the trial version first.

You can listen to “01.mp3" in its entirety.

If you like what you see, please buy it.

Total recording time: approx. 67 min.




If you have any desires or fantasies that you would like to have Yuki play, please let us know!

I don’t know if I can offer it as a work of art, but I will use it as a reference for future “Yuki Onas".

In the case of DLSite, if you send us a “rating/comment" instead of a “review", it will not be published.


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