【A little bit of B. 】A suspicious woman who suddenly appeared was our first partner.

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Title:A suspicious woman who suddenly appeared was our first partner.

Maker:A little bit of B.

Release date:2020/06/11
Genre:boyfriend\r\n, attractivematurelady\r\n, marriedwoman\r\n, DailyLife\r\n, “useofseductivetechniquestoattainonesends(usu.ofwomen)\r\n", lewd\r\n, MultiplePlay/Orgy\r\n, virginity(esp.ofaman)\r\n

A suspicious woman who suddenly appeared was our first partner.

The second comic in the popular series “Suspicious Religious Recruiter Aunt"!

The first threesome in our circle!


Today is the day of the meeting at the headquarters of the religious organization “Happy Bells.

The head of the organization, the Fhrer, calls a suspicious religious solicitor named Kiyomi Tahira and orders her to teach his sons about women.

My brothers and sisters are waiting for me in the other room without knowing that.

While we were talking nonsense, Kiyomi Tadaira appeared.

She tells her brothers without giving her name.

“We’re here to take your virginity…

(Brief introduction of the person)

A suspicious religious solicitation woman, Kiyomi Tahira

“She is a fanatic and a sex fiend who belongs to the “Bells of Happiness. She is a dangerous married woman who solicits sex and commits crimes against people of all ages in order to increase her followers.

elder brother

A dirty girl with sharp eyes. She looks like a pervert, but she has a more naive side.

younger brother

She is a serious girl who wears glasses. In fact, she’s more horny and impulsive than her brother.


The head of the “Happy Bells". His true identity is unknown.


This is an R-18 comic of an aunt and a shi*ta x2.

Number of pages: 42

PDF included

There is a difference between with and without pubic hair.

File Contents

1. Product/ pubic hair present

2. No product/ pubic hair

3. PDF version

4. Title image

5. Newly drawn illustration for the cover


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