【Dark Sect】Illustrations-Dark Toy Box 2-

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Title:Illustrations-Dark Toy Box 2-
Maker:Dark Sect
Release date:2019/12/21

This is a collection of illustration files of various creatures.

Mages (21 Mages, 2 kinds of insects, Nova)
Aztec Gods (Yonarde Paztoli, Sholotl, Yaotzin, Tlaloc, Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca)
Mythical Creatures (Cho-Cho Man (with goblin diff), Martens Clan (with orc diff), Gag (with troll diff))
Arskari (with Cyclops diff), Nightgorns, Mi-Go, Old Ones, Shoggoths, Shoggoth Lords
Shugoran’s Child (harbinger of death), Shantak Bird, Abominable Hunter, and
Kiziah the Great Witch (+Brown-Jenkins), Red Queen (with differential cosmic appearance), Red Queen – Variant Form, and
Father Nye (with sunglass diff, cosmic face diff)
Naiarlathotep basic form (with howler on the moon diff and dark rampant diff)
Second and third forms of Nyarlathotep)

The basic illustrations of the above characters are included.
Each character has their own

Full-body PNG images sized according to RPG Tuttle VX monster graphics standards.
A full body PNG image sized to the RPGTS Cool MV monster graphics standard.
Full body PNG image in L size with 700-1000 pixels height
PSD file with unintegrated layers

There are
All PNG images of characters are transparent background images.

Please feel free to use them as they are, or edit them as you wish.
Please feel free to change the name, settings, etc.
This collection of illustrations may be used in games and videos for free or paid distribution, as long as it is a personal production or hobby.
You can use this collection for your own personal use.
However, commercial use is prohibited, regardless of whether it is paid or unpaid.
(Please contact us if you would like to use this site)
Also, use in games for smartphones (so-called “app games") is prohibited, regardless of whether the use is for profit or non-profit, commercial or non-commercial.

The following terms of use must be adhered to.

-Commercial use and distribution for a fee are allowed, but please refrain from using the illustrations in a way that makes the illustrations themselves valuable.
(e.g. – selling T-shirts printed with this illustration, games that only show the illustration, etc.)
-Secondary distribution or transfer is strictly prohibited.
-The illustration may be used in R18 works, but it must not be used in a way that is excessively defamatory, disruptive to public order and morals, or in a way that is offensive to the public.
Any use that could be considered inappropriate is strictly prohibited.
-Please include the name of the creator or the name of this collection.

You may also create illustrations, three-dimensional objects, and other secondary creative activities based on the illustrations in this collection.
In this case, please be sure to comply with the following.

-Design – Clearly indicate that the original design is Magellan’s.
-Mention Magellan or the name of our work.
-Do not state that the design is the original work of the secondary creator.
-Don’t distribute or give away your secondary illustrations as materials (i.e., illustrations that can be used by others), regardless of whether they are paid or unpaid.
-Do not infringe on our (Magellan’s) rights.

We do not waive any copyrights.
Terms of Use – Any use by those who do not agree to the prohibitions is strictly prohibited.
We will also take strict action against any illegal uploads or any other actions that seriously infringe on our rights.

Thank you for your purchase.
Thank you again for your support.


Some of the illustrations are made with materials from STARWALKER STUDIO.
The file size after unzipping is about 18GB, so please be careful with your free space.


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