【*Eteiren* (Japanese only)】Standing Image Material Set 2

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Title:Standing Image Material Set 2
Maker:*Eteiren* (Japanese only)
Release date:2019/12/21
Genre:Femaleprotagonist, Maleprotagonist, dress-up, sisters, Fantasy, Magic

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This is a set of standing materials that can be used immediately because they are saved as PNG data!
This is a set of standing image materials that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as HP, video, games, and more!
This is a full-body set, so you can change her clothes and cut her out as you like!

The design is for fantasy, as all the characters wear swords.
(You can also remove them separately with PSD data)

-no need to report use
-Cropping – free processing
-Paid -Free -For use by all ages

There are five characters.
Available for 100 yen (excluding tax) per person!

The design is for fantasy, as all the characters wear swords.

All of them have differential expressions!
13 pieces
The expression pattern is the same for all.

If you calculate the expression difference, each character will cost less than 10 yen per set!

PNG data corresponding to three screen sizes is included for all characters.
For 800×600 (576×900)
For 1280×720 (704×1100)
For 1980×1080 (1024×1600)

Cropped images for icons are also available!

Icons with the same differences as the expression differences of the full body picture are available.
You can easily resize them according to your use!
(They are in the same numbering order as the expressions stored in the full body picture)

Also, for those who want to customize, we have all the characters
For 1980×1080 (1024×1600)
PSD data for all characters are included for those who want to customize them.

The material is distributed as is – you can basically use it freely except for selling it.
This data is not from a character management machine!
There are some overlaps with the content of the prior distribution at ci-en.


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