【Meaty Italian】A compilation of issues NOTHING!

[Ranking]24 Hours:#22
Title:A compilation of issues NOTHING!
Maker:Meaty Italian
Release date:2019/09/25
Genre:Ass/hip, lovey-dovey/awesomeness, Creampie, Fornication, Blondes, Bigtits/bigtits

This is a compilation of the doujins of the captain who is all OK with everything.

This is a compilation of the sweet and cuddly days of the captain and his darling.

Sucking on the buxom body and cute tits of the aggressive captain!

No matter if you’re a virgin, a foreskin, or any other kind of penis, he’ll wrap you up and make you a man.

Let’s pamper Captain Chubby, who has full body genitalia, and make him feel good by ejaculating all over him.

It’s a big volume of 104 pages!

There is an empty page in the doujinshi edition with the rough cover and a newly drawn illustration.


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