【Stone wall】Great rest day

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Title:Great rest day
Maker:Stone wall
Release date:2019/10/19
Genre:Femaleprotagonist, tits, cross-sectionalview, Animation, Yuri, Futanari

This is an anime collection in which the heroine has sex with the three heroines.

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There are 7 basic animations and 63 difference animations (9 difference animations for each basic animation).
In the trial version, you can play 3 basic animations and 18 differential animations.

The screen resolution is 1024*768.

Please check the operation of the trial version before purchasing.

Game system
The flow of the game part is as follows. (For details, please refer to the manual image included in the package)

1:Exploration part
First, move the mouse pointer to examine the girls’ bodies.
If you hover the mouse pointer over a specific spot, a heart will appear.
Click the mouse on the heart to go to the animation part.

2:Animation part
In the animation part, you can progress the sex of the girls by performing certain actions with the mouse.
In the animation part, you can use the mouse to perform certain actions to progress the girls’ sex.
When you perform a mouse movement, the animation will progress and one of the excitement gauges on the left will rise.
When the excitement gauge is full, the game will return to the exploration part, and you can find the next action.

When all three excitement gauges are full, the gauges will be reset and three new actions will be set.
There are 9 types of actions for each stage. (There are 6 in the demo version.)
Clear all 9 types to clear the stage.


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