【Bitchy Wota Field】New life, ignorance, and rural sex life: In search of a bygone era

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#7, 30 Days:#81
Title:New life, ignorance, and rural sex life: In search of a bygone era
Maker:Bitchy Wota Field
Release date:2021/04/30
Genre:femaleprotagonist, tits, Dailylife, Heartwarming, colortrick, Oneshota, Blackhair, Bigtits/bigtits

The latest in the plump ignorance series!

新生 むっち無知 田舎性活 ~過ぎ去った時を求めて~ [愚痴ヲタ畑]

A heroine with the appearance and personality of a boy having a good time in a peaceful village [Yutaka].

Before the summer vacation, Yutaka was famous as a small, naughty, mischievous and bad boy.
During her summer vacation, she has developed a glamorous body that rivals that of a gravure idol!

This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing. The whole village is in chaos!
But Yutaka is full of energy and doesn’t care about her growing body or what men think of her!

This story is in two parts!

新生 むっち無知 田舎性活 ~過ぎ去った時を求めて~ [愚痴ヲタ畑]

-The first part of the story is a full remake of the first one [Much Ignorance: Life in the Country](RJ138052)!

New illustrations and story! Many new characters and events have been added!
Explore the reborn village of Kokko and search for the ingredients for a medicinal bath to cure my sister Keko’s disease!

Use the new [action skills] to cut grass and vegetables, break the village chief’s acupuncture points, and more.
Jump to high places and push obstacles.
Use a number of skills to get through the story!

-The second part of the game is not a remake, but a completely original story!

Find out the cause of your mother Aya’s strange behavior while changing your control character to your sister Keko!
You’ll have to use your sisterly bond to find out where you can’t go alone and what events won’t occur!

A lot of ignorant situations!

新生 むっち無知 田舎性活 ~過ぎ去った時を求めて~ [愚痴ヲタ畑]

The heroine, Yutaka, has grown up in an environment full of male friends who treat her like a boy.
Therefore, even as her body develops, she is not aware of being a woman at all!

I walk around in light clothes without caring about anything, I take a bath in a public bathhouse, and I pee in the area….

I’ve never had a problem with that.
She’s taken advantage of by the residents of the village, who play pranks on her, and her friends ask her to do naughty things for them…

You don’t know the value of your own body, and you don’t mind showing it in places you shouldn’t…

The number of events in this ignorant situation is over 150!

In addition, there are more than 210 events, including virgin hunting stew, bitch stew, and possession stew.
There are 120 basic CG illustrations, not including differences!

We hope you’ll try the trial version first!


Upgrade information

The latest version is ver1003.

Update history

-April 30, bug fixes, typo corrections

-Production status is reported on Ci-en. It is updated basically once a week.

-This game is made with RPG Tucool MV.
The PC specs required to run this game are based on the specifications of RPG Tutool MV.


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