【Love x Darkness/MOMOKA. (Momoka Yuzuki) 】[DL] Hinami, Toka, and the Summer of My Soggy Sister

[Ranking]24 Hours:#12, 7 Days:#33, 30 Days:#77
Title:[DL] Hinami, Toka, and the Summer of My Soggy Sister

Maker:Love x Darkness/MOMOKA. (Momoka Yuzuki)

Release date:2019/08/14
Genre:Binaural/Damihe\r\n, swimsuit\r\n, Love/Love/Amaa\r\n, sororitygirl\r\n, maleacceptance\r\n, earlicking\r\n

The packaged version will also be available for purchase on the fourth day of Summer Comic (C96) (Monday, August 12) at the West Wing South Block “A" 17a space!

The DL version and the packaged version each come with a different bonus file.

DL privilege “Toka big sister’s teasing stop-start masturbation support♪

Package version benefits “Hinami sister’s pampering breastfeeding hand job ♪

Introducing the two sisters.

Red swimsuit sister ★ Toka (c.v. Momoka Yuzuki)

D-cup. A carnivore.

She loves mischief and teasing, and gets off on watching boys squirm and writhe.

A little devil sister who loves to abuse with her hands while impatiently licking her ears.

HINAMI (c.v. Hiyori Misaki), the sister in the white swimsuit

E cup. Soft and fluffy.

She loves to spoil younger boys and is fond of saying, “Good boy.

A big sister who loves to play with her tits and spoil and ruin her man.


*This film is recorded in binaural, so earphones or headphones are recommended for viewing.

Elements: sun oil smearing, ramune mouth-to-mouth, pies, sexual massage, teasing, nipple teasing, ear licking, blowjob, hand job, Creampie]


☆ The most powerful combination of scorching and pampering

Simultaneous studio recording for a more realistic feel

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do this, but I’m going to have to.

There is plenty of seduction play while being fucked in the ears.


Midsummer Temptation

Summer is the time of year when sexually active women have too much fun and too much sexual desire.

You’ve come to the beach alone, and you’re resting in the shade of a tree.

“Hey, are you alone? Do you want to play with us?

I was thrilled to hear that from a very stylish lady in a red bathing suit!

As I was stammering, a kind-looking woman in a white bathing suit whispered in my ear…

“Ladies, I’m going to apply sun oil now, and I’ll join you…


chapter0:Summer, the sea, and my sister!

Your sister Toka and sister Hinami will talk to you when you are alone.

chapter1:Let’s apply sun oil.

When it comes to the ocean in summer, sun oil is the way to go!

I thought I had smeared it all over your sister’s ample body…

You’re next.

You’ll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing.

chapter2:sizzling ramune’s erotic kiss

A thirsty woman takes a bottle of rum from a cooler box…

Your mouth can be used as a cup to transfer the sizzling ramune to your mouth and kiss it deeply.

“When we drink together, we overflow a lot…

chapter3:Slippery sex massage

You’ve been soaked by the sun oil and overflowing ramune, and now your sister is soaking your body even more…

More oily, more squishy, more wet…

Gently massage various parts of your body.

I was being tantalizingly tantalized and whispered naughty words to…

chapter4:Lick your ears & feel good with your hands

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “I’m so horny I can’t stand it!

Hinami told me, “You can come, you can come comfortably… you don’t have to hold back.

Toka told me, “Don’t come, don’t come yet, don’t come yet, don’t come yet, don’t come yet…

chapter5:Come in your sister’s bikini!

I was made to wear Hinami’s bikini (top) and Toka’s bikini (bottom).

I was kneading my nipples on my bikini…

Her pussy was also stroked, handled, and nipped…

The embarrassing verbal assault while in close contact…

chapter6:This is raw sex in the middle of summer!

The two sisters are going to be the ones who are going to be the ones who are going to be the ones who are going to be the ones who are going to be the ones who are going to be the ones who are going to be the ones

When you feel energized, stick your soggy bodies together and have raw sex!

In the shade of a tree on the beach, sister Toka and sister Hinami alternately inserted

I’m sure you’ll have plenty of sperm in you both.


Breakdown of the main story

*Includes sound effects and no sound effects, mp3.

(DL version)

Total playing time: 2 hours 40 minutes 20 seconds

Chapter0 Summer, the Sea, and Your Sister!

Chapter1 Let’s apply sun oil.

Chapter2 Squishy Ramune’s Erotic Kiss

Chapter3 Slippery♪ Sexual Massage

Chapter4 Lick your ears & feel good with your hands

Chapter5 Come in your sister’s bikini!

Chapter6: This is raw sex in the middle of summer!

DL version privilege Toka big sister’s teasing stop-start masturbation support♪


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(Red Swimsuit) Toka:c.v.Momoka Yuzuki


(White Swimsuit) Hinami: c.v. Hiyori Misaki



Illustration: Meguri Aion


Scenario: MOMOKA.


Logo: Miyako


Editing by Mr. Yuya Kuratsuki


Production: Love x Darkness

(For inquiries, please contact us via Twitter DM.)

[Circle members

Momoka Yuzuki (MOMOKA.)


Hiyori Misaki (Meguridaine)


*MOMOKA is the name of Momoka Yuzuki’s non-voice activities.

*Megurifaion is the name of Hiyori Misaki’s non-voice activities.


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