【#NAME? 】[KU100] I confessed to the first shady girl in my class as a punishment game.

[Ranking]24 Hours:#5, 7 Days:#15, 30 Days:#97
Title:[KU100] I confessed to the first shady girl in my class as a punishment game.


Release date:2021/04/08
Genre:Binaural/Damihe\r\n, Love/Love/Amaa\r\n, pairoflovers\r\n, handjob\r\n, intravaginal(anal, etc.)ejaculation\r\n, maleacceptance\r\n, earlicking\r\n

【KU100】クラス1の陰キャ女子に罰ゲームで告白した結果 [+Dream]

(From 5:00 p.m. on the day of sale)

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I’m not sure what to make of this. She’s got it all. (R18 )


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【KU100】クラス1の陰キャ女子に罰ゲームで告白した結果 [+Dream]

About this work

+Dream" is an Ama Amaechi work that destroys the concept of “healing"!

You can enjoy the gap between her face (Shizu Kurane) and the face she shows to everyone else, and feel a little superior to them.

I can’t wait to see her transformation from a scaredy-cat girl to an erotic downer bitch!

The sound quality of the entire film is superb! We use Neumann’s KU100 microphones!

The studio recording and Foley sound gives you a great sense of realism!

It’s a sadistic side that will make you nervous.

.。.:*゜ .。.:*゜ .。.:*゜ .。.:*゜ .。.:*゜.。.:*゜ .。.:*゜ .。.:*゜ .。.:*゜

【KU100】クラス1の陰キャ女子に罰ゲームで告白した結果 [+Dream]
【KU100】クラス1の陰キャ女子に罰ゲームで告白した結果 [+Dream]

Breakdown (Playback time: 1 hour and 23 minutes without interruptions)

The main story

*wav (hi-res 24/18), mp3 included

*Includes ver. without sound effects, noise, etc.

Track 1: I confessed my feelings to the most negative person in my class as a punishment game.

Track 2: Sober Girl Mode ⇒ XXX Mode

Track 3: Taking the Lead…Touching Each Other

Track 4: Downer’s Girlfriend’s Super Erotic Ear Licking Hand Job

Track 5: tongue kissing bare thighs with no room to spare

Track 6: “Rubber? No need" Close whispering sex

Track 7: Pillow talk and the promise of true [secret] nature

Total 1:23:05

(Included in the package)

wav/mp3 included

Sound effect, noise, etc. Yes/No

Package illustrations + facial expression differences, etc. (High-resolution wallpaper version also available!)

★Ci-en member benefits also available! (Coupons for this work will also be distributed!)

*Free membership

Banner for Twitter header & free talk by voice actors

*Mr. White Peach Plan

Another Track: “Everything is at her disposal. Begging and Demanding Sex. (R18 )


【KU100】クラス1の陰キャ女子に罰ゲームで告白した結果 [+Dream]


Voice (Shizu Kurane): MOMOKA.


Illustrations by Oso


Scenario by Yuzuko Konoe


Description image design and logo by Miyako


Sound Editing by Mr. Yuya Kuratsuki


SpecialThanks – Gaya C.V. (in no particular order)

Ms. Narumi Osaka

Ms. Yuhu Kawase

Mr. Otokura.

Dear Ms. Minase Ryouka

Ms. Hiyori Misaki

Ms. Iino Kana

Dear Sakura Teruki

Ms. Yu Hazuki

Dear Hiiro Shinomiya

Mr. Jun Fukuda

Mr. Minamino Fuuta

Mr. Head-Ponta

Mr. Sunmor Nonaka

(and a few others who wish to remain anonymous)

Production: Peach Studio +Dream MOMOKA.


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(Momoka Yuzuki (MOMOKA.) x Hiyori Misaki (Megurifai Oto))



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