【Black Crystal】The chairperson is being bullied in class – slave declaration

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Title:The chairperson is being bullied in class – slave declaration
Maker:Black Crystal
Release date:2018/11/29
Genre:lewdwords, 3Dworks, glasses, Commissioner, Sailorsuit, School/Academy, Slave

An earnest committee chairman is bullied by his classmates and vows to become a slave.
Usually followed by a scene where the main erotic scene is set aside and the pledge to be a slave is made.
Slaves are divided into three levels, and each is made to swear to be [slave], [sex slave], or [masochist slave].
In addition, this series is not in chronological order, but rather the content of the theme is cut out for each situation, so you can enjoy it even if you don’t know the previous work.

This volume is a 32-page PDF file.
-The girls in my class torment me and make me take off my uniform.
-The boys join in on the torment, and she takes off her uniform in front of them.
-Choose to follow orders and take a vow of [slavery] instead of being held down and forced.
-Forced to masturbate in public.
-Loses her virginity by using her own geek toys.
-Get gang raped by boys.
-Loses anal virginity after being anally raped by a girl.
-Treated as a flesh-eating animal and sworn to be a [sex slave].
-Lascivious play with a boy’s crotch while a rotor is inserted between his legs.
-They are made to dance naked and expose themselves in the open air like a naked bitch.
-Beaten and kicked for disobeying orders.
-They are forced to urinate and defecate, and eat and drink the feces and urine of their classmates as human urinals.
-They make you beg for abuse and take a vow of [masochistic slave].

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Please enjoy it by writing your own favorite lines with painting software.

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