【Tawutu Kaze / Rin Shinonoi 】Lascivious Witnessing – When you take advantage of your weakness and do as you’re told

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Title:Lascivious Witnessing – When you take advantage of your weakness and do as you’re told

Maker:Tawutu Kaze / Rin Shinonoi

Release date:2018/12/02
Genre:continuousclimax\r\n, Classmate/Colleague\r\n, normalplay(baseball)\r\n, (consensual)sexualintercourse\r\n

Now it’s gym time.

That’s why the classroom was supposed to be empty, but…

Girls change clothes in the classroom and leave their uniforms directly on the desk.

I just thought that if I did that, this would happen.

And, but, I can’t believe it’s real.

A boy in my class is rifling through the girls’ uniforms.

I never thought I’d find it.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Do you want to open the door with a bang?

Are we just gonna pretend we didn’t see this?

Huh… Huh… Calm down, just take a good look…

Oh… Oh, my God.

I can’t believe this pervert was in my class.

You can’t do that. You can’t do that. You can’t do that.

Ha… ha… ha… ha… ha… ha… ha…

Hmm… if you look closely, you can see that they’re not all…?

I wonder if he’s picking them. We’re in the same class. He knows where the pretty ones are.

Using a pretty girl as masturbation material… hmm?

There, there… Wow, my uniform…!

Are you going to masturbate me too?

Oh, my God. You did that to my uniform.

Ooo, ha, embarrassing.

I guess that means you think I’m cute, too.

Have you ever used me as a masturbator?

They imagine you naked, or fantasize about doing this or that…?

Huh… Huh… I shouldn’t have done that.

I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Okay… I’ve got it.

To Minaka Shimohira.

You’ve been caught doing something you shouldn’t have.

We’ll just have to do what he says to keep him quiet.

No matter how tough it is, it’s the only way to keep it a secret.

I was anxious and nervous, but what was required of me was…

Recommended for.

A girl in my class is actually very interested in sex.

He’s supposed to be threatened, but all he’s asking for is pornography, which is a convenient development.

They’ll like you if you’re horny.

I want to be the first.


Oh, I’m with a man… I’m feeling so, so good in my ass (24:31)

Oh, you’ve been holding out for a week, you’re so hopeful, smarta… I’m creeped out (18:54)

I’ve been pew-pewing and it still hasn’t subsided………………….. (19:35)

Playback time about 62 minutes

File format: mp3

Sound effects: 2 versions, with and without sound effects

CV: Rin Shinonoi

Production: Drifting Wind


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