【Four Seasons of Fox Rain / Uira Komachi 】[High Quality FLAC Audio Included] Wagamama Ojousama no Shukuraku Fallen

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Title:[High Quality FLAC Audio Included] Wagamama Ojousama no Shukuraku Fallen

Maker:Four Seasons of Fox Rain / Uira Komachi

Release date:2018/08/14
Genre:Collars/chains/restraints\r\n, stungun\r\n, “(termofrespectfor)anothersdaughter\r\n", peeing\r\n, irrumatio(fellatiowhereinthemajorityofmovementisperformedbythefelatee)\r\n, spanking\r\n


High quality FLAC sound included.

The Selfish Lady’s Fall into Slavery.


This is a work of fiction.

Contains physically and mentally extreme content.

Please watch only if you can distinguish between reality and story.


She is a selfish, high-flying young lady who loves luxury and fun.

The servant men available to her have been faithfully performing their duties despite the daily abuse.

One day, her parents’ company goes bankrupt and they run away at night.

The remaining young lady is sold to the hero as a form of severance pay.

The protagonist, harboring resentment and twisted affection, plans to make the young lady his slave maid and forcefully train her.

◆ Character

Ojou-sama (young lady)

CV: Uira Komachi (honorific title omitted)

She is a selfish young lady with a good appearance.

He thinks of his servants as little more than slaves.


I harbor resentment and twisted affection.

The young lady who was given to him as retirement money is trained mercilessly.

∞∞∞ Content Description ∞∞∞∞

This is an audio drama with voice actors’ voices.

The files will be in MP3 format 192kbps and FLAC sound source.

Please listen with a compatible device.

FLAC is a lossless compression technology with no information loss and no sound degradation.

Compared to MP3 sound sources, the sound quality is higher, allowing you to enjoy the voices of the voice actors more.

◆Speech only (MP3, FLAC)

◆Sound effects + dialogue + countdown voice for ejaculation (MP3, FLAC)


◆Sound effects + dialogue + countdown voice for ejaculation (MP3, FLAC)

freebie (e.g. with a purchase)

◆Speech only (MP3, FLAC)

The file is divided into sections.

∞∞∞ Description of each track ∞∞∞∞

The recording time is based on the sound effects, dialogue, and ejaculation countdown voice.

track01 04:52
The life of a selfish young lady.

track02 11:02
In order to make her understand the reality, she starts with verbal abuse and then water and hot water abuse.

track03 09:14
Gagged and deep-throated young lady → Ejaculate in mouth and vomit.

track04 07:01
A young lady who has her buttocks punched as a discipline → diuretics take effect and she pees her pants.

track05 12:10
A young lady who is made to wear underwear that conducts electricity well -> urination with electricity flowing to her nipples and whole body.

track06 03:29
The young lady despairs when her father informs her of the reality over the phone.

track07 05:09
A complete failure. She becomes an emotionless slave maid and gets sucked & peed on. She continues to serve you.

∞∞∞ digest

track01 05:00

track02 05:14

track03 04:27

track04 07:54

∞∞∞ freebie (e.g. with a purchase)

Countdown voice

Anxious breathing sounds

Fear and confusing breathing sounds


Running time Main feature

freebie (e.g. with a purchase)

MP3 Approximately 77 minutes in total


CV: Uira Komachi

Illustration: shie

Scenario, script, editing, planning: Denkoku

Sound Effects [Miniko Materials




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