【KINOKO-ex】The Adventures of Reginetta: C-End After ~A Brave Man, a Princess, and a Small Story

[Ranking]24 Hours:#12, 7 Days:#25, 30 Days:#83
Title:The Adventures of Reginetta: C-End After ~A Brave Man, a Princess, and a Small Story
Release date:2018/07/01
Genre:Loli, queen/princess, Creampie, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Blondes, slipperyslope

The content is the same as [Reginetta’s Adventure C-End After: A Small Story of a Brave Man and a Princess Anaza☆Stairu] except for the character’s appearance and some text.
The save data can be used in the same way (Ver113 or later). Please refer to the blog if you have Anaza☆Stairu for how to handle it.
ブログURL http://kinokoex.com/xside/?p=2177

This RPG is the story after the C ending of [Reginetta’s Adventure: The Brave and the Spellbound Princess].

The Story of Stars
The main character and Reginetta return after the commotion in the other world.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen a movie where the characters are so close that they can’t be separated.

About a year has passed since then.
Of course, the king and other officials do not approve of their relationship. Even though the fruit of their love has already been born, …….

So Reginetta came up with a plan.
[A special ordeal that used to be required to become a king]
When she finds out that there is such a thing, she decides to go through the ordeal with the hero.
I think it’s a good idea to have a lot of people on your side, because if you do that, you’ll have a segment of the population that values things like old traditions on your side.

And so the new adventure of the hero and Reginetta begins.
Will her plan really work?

Mini dress-up RPG
This is a mini RPG that takes about an hour to play. The game is also equipped with a dress-up system that continues from the previous game Reginetta’s Adventure!
This time, what you wear is also reflected in the standing erotic picture!
There are 10 basic H-illustrations (5 event CGs + 1 stand-up erotic + 1 special stand-up erotic + 3 boss undressing diffs).

A mini dress-up RPG about adventures with a blonde vertical roll!


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