【Tune / Shiho Bekkahara】Nipple masturbation gently taught by my classmate JK

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Title:Nipple masturbation gently taught by my classmate JK
Maker:Tune / Shiho Bekkahara
Release date:2018/05/05
Genre:tits, lewdwords, continuousclimax, masturbation, Malereception

Oh, good work. It’s been a tough day at school. I’m really confused about my classes.

But it’s just the two of us at last. Hey, what should we do now?

Oh, you want to teach me how to masturbate my nipples? For me? In this classroom?
You’re too sudden, you’re a pervert, and you’re going to masturbate in front of me?
It’s really perverted. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that works for you.

All right, fine. I’ll watch. A boy in my class tweaks my nipples and comes in a pathetic way.

With or without ejaculation.
There is no instruction to ejaculate.
All are just instructions for nipple masturbation.

My classmate, JK, teaches me how to masturbate my nipples.
You are awakened to the pleasure of nipple masturbation by JK’s instruction.

Welcome to the world of nipple masturbation. All that’s left is to be corrupted. Don’t be afraid, I’m here too. Let’s go down together.

Play time:57:54

声の出演:分倍河原シホ様( https://twitter.com/shiho_moai )
イラスト:ReBe11様( https://twitter.com/ReBe11_H?lang=ja )


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