【Maho Kobo / Higashi Ai】Useful Counting Voices Inhale/Exhale Counting & Number Counting Instrument – Counting Series Volume 1 – (Farmichelle-chan – Corpse-chan – Annie-chan – Water Lily-chan version)

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Title:Useful Counting Voices Inhale/Exhale Counting & Number Counting Instrument – Counting Series Volume 1 – (Farmichelle-chan – Corpse-chan – Annie-chan – Water Lily-chan version)
Maker:Maho Kobo / Higashi Ai
Release date:2017/12/16
Genre:Sister, magicalgirl, sports, Blackhair

Helpful Counting Voices
Inhale Exhale Counting & Number Counting Instrument
-Counting Series Volume 1 -(Farmichelle-chan – Corpse-chan – Annie-chan – Waterlily-chan version)

Counting Series is a series of soundtracks in which the heroines of Mahou Kobo do [breath in and out] and [counting].
This is a series of voice collections that are useful for daily training.

-Breathing in and out sounds for relaxation
-Counting sounds for training
A collection of counters that can be used in a variety of ways, including meditation, breathing exercises, footwork, stretching, and more.
It can be used for meditation, breathing exercises, footwork, stretching, martial arts and sports repetitions.

This volume features the heroine of Maho Kobo, the
-Farmichelle, the Excursionist.
-Mr. Corpse of Consciousness Body Art
-Annie, the Gun Master
-Ms. Waterlily of Telekinesis
The four of us will be doing the counting.

Recorded content
The following counting contents are recorded.

1: Count from 1 to 30 (as a count for strength training, plank training, balance training, etc.)
2: Count from 1 to 10
3:Count from 30 to 0
4: Count from 10 to 0
5:One to two for one minute (for repetition training in martial arts and sports, reflex training, rhythm in walking, etc.)
6:One two three for one minute
7:One, two, three, four for one minute
8:Inhale and exhale induction for 3 minutes (longer interval) (to support meditation, breathing exercises, mindfulness, etc.)
9: Inhale/exhale induction for 3 minutes (normal)
10: Inhale/exhale guidance for 3 minutes (shorter)
11:Extra Count from 1 to 30 ver2
12:Extra: Count from 30 to 0 ver2

The above contents
-Mr. Corpse
-Waterlily It’s recorded for four people.

Please use it for repeating etc. according to the training contents.

There is also a trial version available, if you want to listen to it.

This work is part of the Conscious Body Techniques series
This is a story that takes place in the same worldview as the Conscious Body Art series

Trial version contents
-You can listen to a part of the full version in the trial version.

Contents of the full version
-The commercial version is recorded in MP3 at the highest quality of 320kbps.

How to listen
-Please listen to the sound source with headphones, earphones, speakers, or whatever style you find most relaxing and free.
-It is recommended to listen at a normal or low volume.

This work is not a hypnosis sound source.
Please refrain from watching this video if you are in a bad mood or feeling unwell.
Please do not watch it when you are driving or operating machinery, or in any other situation that could lead to an accident.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
If you are worried about your heart, brain, or lungs, please refrain from watching this video.

Falmichelle – Corpse – Annie – Water Lily CV:Ai Azuma

Illustration:Ai Azuma

Scriptwriting, sound editing, sound effects: Windress

Production: Maho Kobo


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