【Hobby Kobo Carrot Wain】Lady Carmilla Blood Ring [MP3] (Japanese)

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Title:Lady Carmilla Blood Ring [MP3] (Japanese)
Maker:Hobby Kobo Carrot Wain
Release date:2017/12/13
Genre:Queen/princess, Serious

Gothic horror action game tribute – original – album.
Pipe organ and chorus, sizzling electric guitar.
An album that makes you want to whip out your whip.

Note: This is a [music work (MP3)]. If you would like to use it as a game material, please purchase it from the following link.

Track List

1 Ring of Blood
With the giant moon in the background

2 Flowers that bloom in the night -Carmilla
Heroine’s Theme

3 The Hand of Salvation is from Darkness -Load
Load Screen Song

4 The One Who Embraces the Cross -The Demon Forest
1st Stage Demon Forest

5 No Name on the Fool’s Tombstone -Cemetery
2nd Stage The Graveyard

6 Dawn to the Dark Saints -Aqueduct
3rd Stage Suidobashi -Collapse

7 The Fall of the Rebellious Angel -Garden
Area 1 Poisonous Plant Garden

8 Garden of Pleasure -Storeroom
Area 2 Forbidden Storeroom

9 Victory over Death -Chapel
Area 3 Chapel

This work has a duplication of contents with [Carmilla, the Demoness -Blood Ring- (RJ214470)].


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