【VR Character Factory】ImagieGirls Iris-chan V2 – modA2

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Title:ImagieGirls Iris-chan V2 – modA2
Maker:VR Character Factory
Release date:2017/12/14

ImagineGirls is a series of 3D models available for secondary use, distributed by ImagineVR, Inc.

This 3D model is a heavily modified version of “Iris", one of the ImagineGirls characters, with some new elements added.
You can use this model for secondary use, including commercial purposes.
For more information, please see the included “readme_full_jptxt".

This distribution package is a paid version and includes many of our original assets.

– A version of the basic costume that can be taken off
– Short jacket with different designs
– bikini
– swimsuits
– bare
– Additional hairstyles (Keion! s Azuchan style)

Blender and PMX files are included.

Blender add-on to help finish the data when exporting from Blender version to Unity/MMD etc.
[Model Finalizer] is included in the package.

Blender version can be easily exported to Unity and other game engines.
For more information, please see this quick guide.


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