【Hobby Kobo Carrot Winning】Demoness Carmilla – Ring of Blood

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Title:Demoness Carmilla – Ring of Blood
Maker:Hobby Kobo Carrot Winning
Release date:2017/12/12
Genre:Lady, zombie, Horror

Gothic Horror Action RPG-GAME Music Collection
Lady Carmilla Blood Ring

A collection of gorgeous, high quality ARPG music that adds color to the story.
All music is new music made in 2017.
Plenty of religious choruses and pipe organs.
Recreates the vampire sound.

This is a completely new work produced by ARA [Hobby Kobo Carrot Wynn], which has an established reputation for RPG music.
A collection of songs with strong impressions.

RPG Tucool – Udita Specification
All songs are looped ogg files.

MP3 file
MP3 files are useful for test listening and BGM for work.

Copyright free
No waiver of music rights, but may be used as background music in any game, unreported and uncredited.
You can use it for doujin, consumer, and adult games without any hassle.
*For use outside of games (e.g. on youtube), you will need to pay separately if you want to use it in a broadcast or video.
Please consult with us.

Track List

1 Ring of Blood
OP demo etc.

2 Flower that blooms in the night -Carmilla
The theme of the heroine

3 The Hand of Salvation is from Darkness -Load
Load screen, church, etc.

4 The One Who Carries the Cross -The Demon Forest

5 No Name on the Fool’s Tombstone -Cemetery

6 Dawn to the Dark Saints -The Aqueduct

7 The Fall of the Rebel Angel -The Garden

8 The Garden of Pleasure -The Library

9 Death’s Victory -Chapel


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