【M-Monster / Fukayori Hekiyama】Together with Cairo-chan!

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Title:Together with Cairo-chan!
Maker:M-Monster / Fukayori Hekiyama
Release date:2017/12/12
Genre:Healing, girl, Anthropomorphism, Heartwarming

Cairo-chan, the Cairo girl, teaches you how to easily massage your hands, relax your shoulders, and breathe to help you sleep.

All of the full-length versions of tracks 1-4 can be viewed in the demo version.
In the bonus parts of tracks 5-11, Cairo-chan teaches you trivia that will warm you up, you can play with him by squeezing him, and he just keeps making onomatopoeic sounds.
The omake part is only included in the retail version, so if you’re interested in it, please let me know.

【Track List】
01Kairo-chan’s self-introduction (1:20)
02Cairo-chan and the crowded train (palm massage)(4:42)
03Cairo-chan at work (stiff shoulders and headache relief)(3:07)
04Goodnight Chirochan (Breathing techniques to help you sleep)(2:36)
05Cairo-Chan’s Trivia(Citrus Tea)(0:35)
06Kairo-chan’s Tidbits of Knowledge (Hot Pot)(0:42)
07Kairo-chan’s Trivia (KOTATSU)(1:05)
08Kairo-chan’s tips(1:13)
09Kairo-chan’s Endless Momi Momi(1:01)
10Kairo-chan’s endless rubbing(1:03)
11 Kylo’s Endless Sawa Sawa (1:05)


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