【Clown possessed by the moon】Copyright Free Sound Effects vol35 RPG Sound Effects Pack Collection 250 pieces pack

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Title:Copyright Free Sound Effects vol35 RPG Sound Effects Pack Collection 250 pieces pack
Maker:Clown possessed by the moon
Release date:2017/12/10

A pack of 250 assorted sound effects designed for RPG games.
Various sound effects for magic, physical attacks, various actions, and systems.
See the screenshot in the contents folder for details.

There were some RPG sound effects in the sound effect packs I made in the past.
There were a few RPG sound effects in the sound effect packs I made in the past, but for reasons such as lack of quantity, lack of variation, and inferiority to current production techniques, I decided to abandon them.
This time, I made a new one.

You can use it as it is.
You can use it as it is, but you can also use it for secondary processing at your discretion.
You can use it as it is, but it can also be processed for secondary purposes, such as trimming, volume changes, effects, etc.
For details, please refer to the Terms of Use in the trial version.

(1) Magic (Attributes)
Fire, Ice, Water, Wind, Lightning, Earthquake, Biological, Gravity, Light-Holy, Dark, etc.
82 sound effects for mainly offensive magic.

These sound effects are for magic, but fire and water can also be used as non-magic sound effects.

(2) Magic and items (status up or down)
HP recovery, status recovery such as paralysis and confusion, hit rate up, hit rate up, curse, etc.
40 status-related sound effects.

(3) Physical attack system
49 sound effects for physical attacks, such as striking, slashing, bowing, and flame-throwing.

Movement in the game such as running away, stairs, opening treasure chests and doors, moving quickly, jumping, etc.
These are 13 sound effects that are designed to be used in games.
Some of the sound effects in this pack are from past sound effect packs, but some of them have been modified for RPGs.

(5)Dragon – Fierce Beast – Robot
21 sound effects for dragons, beasts, and robots, including squeals, footsteps, and flapping wings.

(6)Environmental sounds, creative, etc.
Forest – Birds chirping, sound effects of something dirty, special creations, etc.
20 environmental and creative sound effects.

(7) Systems
25 sound effects, including decision, cursor movement, and pop-up sounds.

Copyright free BGM-SE compilation vol12 is available for purchase at a discount.

You can listen to all the sound effects in the trial version.
Most of the sound effects are zero-second pronunciations.
If you have a player or other device that plays with about a second to spare at the beginning
If you are using a player with a 1 second margin at the beginning, the sound at the beginning may be played back in a choppy fashion.
If this is the case, please use a waveform editing software to read and listen to it.

This collection is available for secondary processing after purchase.
(Other sound effect packs are also available for secondary processing)

The format of all data is as follows.
Wave format (16bit/441kHz)

Since it is converted from WAVE format
Conversion to OGG format, etc. can be done from the highest sound quality.
(Please note that the conversion work is done by the purchaser.)



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