【VOICE LOVER / Yomiko Aoi Kyuka】[Complete Version] Christmas Only! Lucia will become Bocchin’s lover… [approx. 7 hours – high quality binaural].

[Ranking]24 Hours:#2, 7 Days:#5, 30 Days:#23
Title:[Complete Version] Christmas Only! Lucia will become Bocchin’s lover… [approx. 7 hours – high quality binaural].
Maker:VOICE LOVER / Yomiko Aoi Kyuka
Release date:2017/12/18
Genre:earscratching, LoveLove/Amaa, handjob, Creampie, Masturbation, Earlicking

Version Up!!! *December 20, 2018

Track 18 December 25 (20:17)
Track 19 December 25 (21Viewer) New
Track 20 Feb 14(35:32)

Added the true ending, and the SP track
[Full Version] Unleashed here and now!

This is the track that was an additional track mail order bonus.

The total duration of the work after the addition is about 7 hours!


I’m not afraid of Christmas this year!

This is the 2017 version of our regular [Bokuchi Christmas]!

This year’s edition is a whopping 17 tracks and over 5 hours long!

The binaural microphone used is also a step above the usual.

VOICE LOVER 2017 total!

A wide variety of tracks that will keep you coming back for more!

To a higher level of audio works! This is the spirit of VOICE LOVER!

A work of all-out dedication is born here!

CV Aoi Yuka
Illustration by Shito


Lucia is a doll who appears to Bocchikun, who was chosen by God.

Lucia is a cute, cheerful girl with a big smile.

The soul embedded in the newborn Lucia is a mishmash of someone else’s copy [a borrowed soul].

With only knowledge and a borrowed soul input by God’s work, she experiences almost everything for the first time.

Thanks to the memory of someone else’s soul.

She knows she likes carbonara, but she’s never had it.

I love cat seals, but I’ve never seen one.

This is a 17-track, 8-day story about how Lucia and [you] get to know each other as you give her various experiences.

Track Introduction

01 December 18 night I’m a phantom. (28:06)
02 Dec 18 Night Lucia will be your love day. (19:08) (19:08)
03 December 19, night Lucia comes to visit me in the bathroom. My first shampoo… (13:25)
04 December 19, 2012: If you have bubbles, you should have an ear licking bubble hand job (23:40)
05 Dec 20 Lunchtime What does carbonara taste like? (09:44)
06 Dec 20 Night Lucia’s Healing Time: Ear Scratching – Claw Care (46:20)
07 Dec 20 Midnight Park Date: Full of Stars (04:29)
08 Dec 21 Lunch break on the fire escape (29:35)
09 Dec 21, Night, Let’s squirt with a slippery masturbator (18:25)
10 December 22, night: Want to touch Lucia’s body? Do you want to do something nice with Lucia? (40:26)
11 Dec 22 Night I can put my face in your tits… (07:36)
12 Dec 23 noon Lucia’s seduction masturbation look at Neil Lucia? (13:56)
13 Dec 23, noon I was going to save it for Christmas Eve night, but (19:22)
14 Dec 24, evening, under the Christmas tree (03:03)
15 Dec 24 evening Christmas present from Lucia (24:23)
16 December 24, evening God gave me a bottle of schwarma and I’m going to be a slut. (31:52)
17 Dec 25 Morning On the Last Morning (03:45)
XX December XX ????

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Total time of the film (excluding XX)
5 hours 37 minutes 15 seconds (337 minutes 15 seconds)

This is a binaural film, recorded with a binaural microphone.
Please enjoy it with headphones.

No part of this work may be reproduced, reprinted, uploaded, sold, or rented without permission.

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