【Sacred Fountain】Impregnated Shrine Maiden Reimu-chan

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Title:Impregnated Shrine Maiden Reimu-chan
Maker:Sacred Fountain
Release date:2017/12/03
Genre:Nakadashi, Pregnancy/impregnation, exposure, MultiplePlay/Orgy

After being threatened by female miko Reimu-chan (RJ211585).
Reimu began to weigh down sex with her uncle.
But he couldn’t forget the pleasure of the cock he’d been trained to use.

She goes to her uncle’s house to have her sexual desires relieved.

In addition to the uncle who was training him, there was another man there.

Even the uncles who had once threatened me were waiting with me.

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Thus, Reimu was kept as a sex slave by her uncles.

Even after you’re pregnant and have a full blown belly.

They will be trained by exposure play.

But then one day, Reimu is discovered by a newspaper reporter, Sagimaru, during her training play.
The way she was raped on her stomach was photographed and published in an article.

This is a digital version of the 24-page work, including cover and text.
This work is a digital version of a 24 page work including the cover and text.
This work is a sequel to Meth Miko Reimu (RJ211585).


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