【Mitsugi Ai / Narumi Aisaka】Tribute Masochism Counseling – Masochistic Counselor’s Tribute Treatment Clinic

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Title:Tribute Masochism Counseling – Masochistic Counselor’s Tribute Treatment Clinic
Maker:Mitsugi Ai / Narumi Aisaka
Release date:2017/11/29

The first tribute masochistic voice work from a new circle, Mitsugiai!
As for the voice actress, her popularity is rising rapidly! We welcome Narumi Osaka as our voice actress!

The main story
The bottom line of masochistic sexuality, tribute masochism…

I visited a clinic to treat such a habit.
A gentle, smiling female counselor whispers into your ear from both sides and says she will treat you.
However, the treatment becomes more and more disturbing.

Goodnight Voice
A counselor counts for you when you can’t sleep.
But it’s not sheep that are counted, it’s wads of cash.
If you can’t sleep because of your pounding heart, you might really need to get some therapy

From ☆ Counselor ☆
An in-depth interview with a counselor who has completed treatment!
She answered five questions.
-Thank you for your consultation. How was your treatment today?
-How is it that the patient seems to have become more sexually active?
-How are the other patients who received this counseling doing now?
-I’m sure you deal with a lot of patients with tribute masochism, what do you think of them?
-Finally, do you have a message for those who have listened to your work and are ready for treatment?

Free Talk
Free talk by Narumi Aisaka!
She talks about her impressions of the movie and answers some rude questions.
For fans of Ms. Osaka, this may be even more exciting than the main program!

Voice actor: Ms. Narumi Osaka

Painter: Uiharu


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