【S girlfriend / Megumi Takatsuki】Service Maid 05: A young maid who will become a mom

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Title:Service Maid 05: A young maid who will become a mom
Maker:S girlfriend / Megumi Takatsuki
Release date:2017/12/08
Genre:healing, lewdwords, maid, lovey-dovey/slutty, Paizuri, Fellatio

The fifth installment in the [Service] series of maids is a comforting situation where a still young maid takes on the role of mommy to soothe her older master (you).

A young maid who serves you while you are busy with work.
A young maid who has already given up her virginity to you, her master, and is willing to do anything to heal you, and her specialty is playing your mom.
It is because of your beloved maid’s mommy play that you are able to work hard.

Of course, the maid loves you too, so she will treat you as if you were her real mother.
However, there is a lot of overly erotic play that a real mom can’t do!

After work, it’s time for some comfort in the office.
She’ll play mommy and give you a hand job while hugging you with her boobs.
Then she inserts herself into the maid in the normal position on the desk and gives her a quick, raw Creampie.
She went on to do it one more time while being played by her mom.

After work, I returned home and took a bath to have my back washed.

Then she ejaculates in her breasts.

In a standing hunchback position, ejaculate inside her while playing mommy.

When it was time for bed, I asked her to sleep with me.
She gives me a hand job with baby talk, then gives me a blow job and ejaculates in my mouth.
When it’s time for bed, she gives me a hand job with baby talk, gives me a blow job and ejaculates in my mouth.

Total time spent being comforted by a young mama maid who is just so gentle 01:09:39

The product version comes in a set of two versions, one with SE (A) and one without SE (B), so you can choose which one you want to listen to.
You can choose the one you like best.
BGM is not included in this work.
Please check the demo version (about 9 minutes) for an image of the content.

Voice Actor : Megumi Takatsuki
Illustration : Yukimitsu Mizuse


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