【Disused honey light】Othello Ni Futari 3 Autumn

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Title:Othello Ni Futari 3 Autumn
Maker:Disused honey light
Release date:2017/11/26
Genre:Girl, boy, angel/demon, Comedy, animalears

A continuation of [Othello na Futari], this is an autumn-themed story.
Published by Comitia 122.

[synopsis of the previous volume].
A world where Red Riding Hood and a wolf (with collars and chains) became a couple.
Now that their son, holly, is grown, the couple has gone on their honeymoon.
The holly has been kept in the dark, but I didn’t have time for that since I had a bigamous marriage…

But the holly can’t cook rice!
“Okay! Let’s get the demon to do something about it!

I try to summon a little demon with a strange magic book my mom gave me.

What came out was a strange girl (Kuro) soaked in a bathtub.
And they collared me, named me, and made me their pet.

What to do, White!

In the summer, I change my clothes and go for a walk at the spring.
It’s not like nothing is going to happen with the change of seasons.

[synopsis of this story]
(1)[Brother’s appearance].
When I woke up in the morning, there was a mysterious boy trespassing there!
He is Black’s brother…. He has a very annoying personality, even his sister treats him badly.

(2) What happened to [[Shiro-chan]]?
(2) [[Shiro-chan]]’s brother is there the next day, as he should be.
White and Black are taken out to pick herbs on a sudden idea.
He returns home without incident, but in his brother’s hand is a suspicious looking mushroom… a feminized mushroom.

This is a two-part story. It’s a 54-page work with illustrations as well. (excluding covers 2 and 3)


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