【Dog Ear Company/MOMOKA.(Momoka Yuzuki)】[ASMR] Kyoko-sensei Teaches Us – I’ve Been Seduced by My Teacher in a Secret Remedial Class

[Ranking]24 Hours:#11, 7 Days:#43
Title:[ASMR] Kyoko-sensei Teaches Us – I’ve Been Seduced by My Teacher in a Secret Remedial Class
Maker:Dog Ear Company/MOMOKA.(Momoka Yuzuki)
Release date:2017/11/27
Genre:Sister, femaleteacher, School/college, Verbalabuse, Maleacceptance, earlicking

About the work

I want to be taught a lot of naughty things by a woman who likes to blame.

*This work is an ASMR-style R work in a setting.
This is a binaural recording of the entire film!

I have a girlfriend in my class, I love her.

But during a one-on-one make-up session with the teacher, the teacher is interested in the story.
You have a girlfriend, and she is trying to seduce you.
It’s in the form of a [special class].

It’s a class, it’s okay, it’s a class, it’s not cheating.
He said it’s important to know your body, and to know a woman’s body, in order to have sex with her in the future.

You can’t resist the temptation of having your ears licked.
I’m slipping away…

Wouldn’t you like to experience the feeling of being controlled by your teacher while drowning in an overwhelming sense of immorality and guilt?



It’s a great way to get to know the people in your life.

[You who want to be sexually guided by a teacher]

[You who want to be cuckolded]

[For those who want to have sex with a sense of guilt].

[You who want to be blamed by someone older than you].

Please watch the demo version.


Character introduction

【ASMR】京子先生が教えてあ・げ・る~秘密の補習授業で先生の誘惑に負けてしまった僕~ [ドッグイヤーカンパニー]


Kyoko-sensei CV: Ms. Momoka Yuzuki

[Hey, let’s have a different lesson than before, shall we?]

A remedial teacher in charge of English. She is a beautiful teacher who is usually kind and cares about her students.
But in fact, he enjoys “cuckolding".

She has large breasts and uses her sexy body to seduce her students.

I’m going to show you my boobs by taking off my clothes.
[Well, next time, let me touch you in a better place…] [Teacher’s pussy…] [Teacher’s pussy…

◇Main character (listener)

I have a girlfriend named Mayu who is a classmate of mine. The relationship is good.
I think she’s very important to me.
I’m not getting good grades, so I have to take a make-up class with Kyoko after school alone.

Product Content: Tracks (1-5) Total 85min 36sec (approx 1h 20min)

  • This is the first time I’ve ever seen this kind of video.
    30min 32sec
  • This is the part where the teacher actively plays with your nipples.
    16 minutes 37 seconds
  • [Special Class 2 (Let’s get to know the female body)] ☆ This is the part where you play with the teacher’s body and ejaculate towards her picture.
    18 minutes, 00 seconds
  • [Special Class 3 (Video Recording)] ☆ This is the main part where you have sex with the teacher.
    19 minutes 23 seconds
  • [What’s Next] ☆ This is the part like the next notice.
    1min 04sec

Extra files

【ASMR】京子先生が教えてあ・げ・る~秘密の補習授業で先生の誘惑に負けてしまった僕~ [ドッグイヤーカンパニー]

Cover illustration without logo with and without logo. (1280*960px)

Jacket illustration for DLsite release.

Script (PDF) *Some parts may differ from the actual audio.

Free Talk (4min49sec)

Ms. Momoka Yuzuki

The sequel is now available!

【ASMR】京子先生が教えてあ・げ・る~秘密の補習授業で先生の誘惑に負けてしまった僕~ [ドッグイヤーカンパニー]

The sequel is also available. Please click here for details.

Next work
Kyoko-sensei ga shite wo areru ~I was robbed of my first time by my teacher during a home visit~.

Further sequels
We’ll Make You Come: The Lewd Harem Life of Me, My Sister, and My Teacher That Started with My Teacher’s Seduction


  • Planning/Supervision: Dog Ear Company
  • ■CV:京子先生役 Ms. Momoka Yuzuki
  • Scenario: MOMOKA.
  • Illustration: Ms. Sen Miyai
  • Binaural microphone recording


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