【Aqua – Alta / Rika】Enchanted Butterflies – A Dream That Never Awakens

[Ranking]24 Hours:#8, 7 Days:#15, 30 Days:#37
Title:Enchanted Butterflies – A Dream That Never Awakens
Maker:Aqua – Alta / Rika
Release date:2017/11/25
Genre:Moe, healing, HypnoticVoice, Sisters, Kimono/JapaneseClothes, Earbuds

An audio work on the theme of healing.
Headphones or earphones are recommended for viewing.

[bell sound x various massages x neck shaving x ear scratching x loop specification].


A small village deep in the mountains. You wander into the village, which is not even on the map, while investigating a rumor about the mountain.
As you are collapsing in the village, exhausted from the steep mountain roads, you are approached by the village woman [Crimson].

[—Are you alright? If you continue like this, it will be bad for your health, so please come to our residence].

After a while, you suddenly feel sleepy. You fall into a deep, deep sleep. You don’t know that it is the beginning of a dream that you will never wake up from.

[track content]

*The main story*.

0 The Sound of the Bell at the Beginning (2:08)

1 The Night That Never Ends(58:07)

2 Outside the dream(3:11)

Bonus track (mp3 only)

If you were sleeping with me—[firefly-crimson](30:00)

Total: about 1 hour and 33 minutes


Ms. Rika Hotaru

Yuzu Moe (Miku)


Mr. Snow Arare

Sound effects]

Aqua – Alta


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