【Peach Box / Haruru Akiyama】[cat voice] Oshikake nyanco healing my brother [healing voice].

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Title:[cat voice] Oshikake nyanco healing my brother [healing voice].
Maker:Peach Box / Haruru Akiyama
Release date:2017/11/24
Genre:moe, healing, ASMR, Lolita, Earwax, catnip

Oshikake Nyanco Heal Your Brother
This is a voice work by Haruru Akiyama and Nozomi Takenaka. A soothing audio work.

Two dogs will come to your house!

This is the first time I’ve seen it.

You are a young man living in an apartment building with a good reputation in the neighborhood.
In the event that you’ve got a little bit of a hard-on, you can’t refuse your neighbors’ request to take care of their cats.
This is a great way to get to know the people in your neighborhood.
One day, the cats come to visit you in human form, complete with tails and ears.
Her desire to chat with her brother reached God, and she took human form.

The cats come to play in your room today.

Track List

Rin-chan☆ CV:Haruru Akiyama
TAKE0 Chui Jiko? Nya★(00:31)

TAKE1 I want to be spoiled by my big brother! (07:12)

TAKE2 I’ll give you a lap pillow☆ (06:24)

TAKE3 I’m going to sleep with you…(07:09)

Ran-chan ★ CV: Nozomi Takenaka

TAKE4 Let’s greet each other in human form! (06:37)

TAKE5 It’s time for a man’s dream…(19:12)

TAKE6 Delivering healing☆ (05:44)

Total recording time(53:04)

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Peach Box

voice actors]

Haruru Akiyama

Nozomu Takenaka


Ms. Akino


No part of this work may be reproduced, reprinted, uploaded, sold, or rented without permission.

Character Introduction

【猫声】Oshikake Nyanco Heal Your Brother【癒し音声】 [桃箱]

Rin-chan (CV: Haruru Akiyama)

Somali, a spoiled, energetic girl who loves her big brother *(her own cat)*.

She is a spoiled and energetic girl who can’t help but love you. She is so honest and adorable that you can’t help but spoil her.

Character Introduction2

【猫声】Oshikake Nyanco Heal Your Brother【癒し音声】 [桃箱]

Ran-chan (CV:Nozomu Takenaka)

A calm, caring, odd-eyed girl.

This cat has two different colored eyes. She’s a very caring girl, and is the oldest and most reliable of all her cat friends.
You can’t help but be spoiled by this odd-eyed cat.


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