【Zerobit】[ear scratching – ear licking – hand job etc] when wet [binaural – massage – whispering]

[Ranking]24 Hours:#4, 7 Days:#13, 30 Days:#39
Title:[ear scratching – ear licking – hand job etc] when wet [binaural – massage – whispering]
Release date:2017/12/06
Genre:healing, earcandling, lovey-dovey/soothing, handjob, Scorching, maleacceptance

Update info: mp3 version included.

CV Unni Koishikawa
Illustration by Sutelis
Play time 1 hour 52 minutes 57 seconds

Track list

1 Opening 6 minutes 5 seconds
2 Earwax (right ear) 13min. 19sec.
3 Ear scratching (left ear) 11 minutes 59 seconds
4 Tummy oil massage 15min 20sec
5 Lower body oil massage 17 minutes 59 seconds
6 Ear licking hand job with lots of breath (right ear) 22min 56sec
7 Ear licking hand job with lots of breath (left ear) 20min 41sec
8 Pillow Talk 4min 34sec


A mysterious whispering voice that makes your ears tingle and an ear lick full of breath. You can also enjoy a hand job and a hurried oil massage in this work.

The theme is “thrilling pleasure" and “impatience", so it is recommended for those who like to receive men.

Appeal points

-Beautiful whispering voice and breath by binaural microphone. The voice is a high-resolution recording.
I’m going to give you an oil massage that will make your whole body slippery.

-I’m not going to tell you what to do, but I’m going to tell you what to do.
There is a lot of bewitching verbal abuse, which is perfect for M people.

But don’t worry, it will be a “sweet atmosphere" from start to finish!

There is no hard description at all, and the play is very soft.

Content – Story

You’ve come to a men’s beauty salon.
And the woman in charge of you is a friend of yours.
And she’s very naughty, and she’s interested in you.

She gives him a naughty massage that is not like a normal esthetician.

I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that I’m not the only one.


A woman with a seductive personality who works at a men’s beauty salon.
She is interested in you and fills your body with pleasure with her naughty services.

Production staff

CV:小石川うに https://unicolony.com/
イラスト:すてりす https://suterisu.wixsite.com/suterisu-san
Production: Zerobit


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