【Natsukon/Abashimawari】I’m so happy for you, big sister

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Title:I’m so happy for you, big sister
Release date:2017/11/22
Genre:Lolita, sister, younger, lovey-dovey/soft-hearted, Yuri, Lesbian/girlfriend

[Let’s have a lot of fun today too].

This is a video about a girl’s relationship with her sister, Mizuki.
You can imagine how your sister will react, or you can try to be her.
If you like to watch YuriYuri, or if you want to experience it yourself! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

The audio comes in two versions, with and without sound effects.
Please watch it according to your preference.

The sample contains 01 and 03 files in their entirety. Please have a listen.

(The play contents are [neck attack], [kiss], [tit attack], [hand man])


-The full story
[01_Big sister, good day again](05:09)
[02_I’m going to pluck my sister’s neck](08:25)
[03_Big sister, let’s kiss](07:16)
[04_Big sister’s boobs, make me feel good](11:47)
[05_Big sister, let me make you feel good](24:54)
[06_Big sister, I love you](03:18)

About 60 minutes total.

-The full story通し音声ファイル

-Package illustrations


Little sister: Mizuki Tamao

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