【ajaib suara】A mother dealing with her son’s sexual desire – A mother being pranked by her son

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Title:A mother dealing with her son’s sexual desire – A mother being pranked by her son
Maker:ajaib suara
Release date:2017/11/17
Genre:mother, softsex, Creampie, Fellatio, JapaneseRape, Incest

Mother and son. A relationship that should never have been formed.
This is a story about a mother who crosses the line and handles her son’s sexual desires.

This is the story of a mother who is misbehaved with by her son.
This is the story of a relationship that started with a little bit of Halloween.
It lasted for a few years, and now my son is —.

I got married right after graduating from high school. Her husband started driving a long-distance truck soon afterwards, and financially they are reasonably prosperous.

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She has only one child, a son, and her husband is not at home much because of his work, so she has been giving him more attention than necessary since he was little.

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Explanation of the contents

1-The First Mistake (19 min.)
2-In the morning of promise(20min)
3-From Sweets(19min)

Play time – about 59 minutes
File format-mp3
Attachment (extra)-Character image (PNG, JPEG 800×600)
Script data (text data of the series [mother who handles her son’s sexual desire] up to the previous work)

CG-Hatoya Mamehana
Voice actor – Seok-nyong
Scenario – “hairy bombshell
Production-ajaib suara


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