【Utakata / Ayusara】[ear scratching – ear licking] Utakata no Yado Summer River Coolness [binaural – soothing].

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Title:[ear scratching – ear licking] Utakata no Yado Summer River Coolness [binaural – soothing].
Maker:Utakata / Ayusara
Release date:2017/08/00
Genre:healing, earcandling, handjob


The season is summer.

The man had made a reservation at an inn.

The lodge was located in the mountains in a remote countryside town that was almost unexplored.

The sun’s rays stinging the skin, the dampness and sweltering heat.

If you want to escape the heat, the man remembered that inn he had visited in the spring.

I called to make a reservation for the evening, but I got distracted and took the first bus.

There are only two buses in the country.

I arrived before noon, and now I’m filled with regret that I did it.

If a guest checking in later in the evening arrives before noon, they probably won’t be ready.

In fact, I was a little worried that I might be a little annoying.

You can’t do anything about it," he said, strolling along the stream as the cicadas echoed.

Then one familiar shadow was …… cooling the river.

What? You’ve arrived early, sir. Are you going to the inn yet?

The man was more interested in the act of throwing his bare feet into the river to cool off.

If you want to cool off, you can do so with me. I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing.
Total: 68 minutes

1:Meeting (3:27)You arrive too early. You meet an iris cooling off in the river, and she asks you to join her. You go barefoot and sit down next to the iris to rest.

2:Coolness of the River (4:39): Coolness of the river with Shobu by the stream. They jokingly talk about why they were cooling off. I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

3:Right Ear Scratching (8:29): Ear scratching with head resting on Shobu’s thigh. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a great idea.

4: Left ear scratching (7:17) Ear scratching with eyes closed, facing the stomach. The sound of the river and the chirping of cicadas. The conversation continues in a relaxed and comfortable way.

5: Looking forward to the night (2:19) You have finished ear scratching and are now fully relaxed. The iris seems to be getting ready for the night, to get a head start on the summer season with you.

1: In the garden (2:15) The garden of the inn. Iris has prepared sparklers for us. Iris says summer is in full swing, and it looks like a small but fun one.

2:Sparklers(5:07)You enjoy sparklers with your iris. Shobu makes it a game to see which one of you can hold it longer. You and Shobu huddle together and pay attention to the small balls that pop. However, Shobu seems to be a little meaner.

3:Right Ear Licking and Finger Chomping (15:02)…… The iris licks your ear lazily, disturbing your mind. Your fingers are shaking and you can’t get the sparkler to work. In order to suppress it, Shobu puts her finger in your mouth.

4: Left Ear Licking and Summer Memories (15:55) Shobu notices your body and goes back to the edge to take care of you, licking your left ear. An unforgettable summer memory, Iris will treat you.

5: See you tomorrow (3:35) All that’s left is to go to bed. Good night, mister.

Points for the work

-mp3 and wavAs before, I’ve included two types of music: light mp3s for easy transport and wavs for better sound quality.

-You can listen to it continuously. You can now listen to them in succession without any discomfort. I think.

-The sound of the cicadas and the cool murmur of the river. The sound of frogs, wind chimes, and sparklers at night. You may be able to imagine various [summer] sounds.

-All binauralThe entire film is recorded in binaural. Please meditate, lie down on the futon, concentrate on the sound, and immerse yourself in this world.

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Scenario,Editing:Naotsugu Amako
Illustration: Ikeya Kagura


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