【F-A-S/Sawano Popura】Sound of Ecstasy Hypnosis

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#1, 30 Days:#1, Annual:#65, Total:#262
Title:Sound of Ecstasy Hypnosis
Maker:F-A-S/Sawano Popura
Release date:2017/08/00
Genre:ContinuousClimax, HypnoticVoice, verbalabuse, Torture, maleacceptance

This is how we talk to each other, from both sides.
You should lean your attention towards the one you hear the voice from.

You should tilt your head lightly toward the ear where the voice was heard.
Oh, you don’t have to actually move your head.
It’s enough to consciously imagine that your senses are moving in that direction.

Or you can just focus your attention on one of the voices.
You can go into hypnosis even if you only listen to one of them.
Because I think you will fall into my voice either way.
No, because before you know it, you’ll be falling in love with my voice.

I’m sure you’ll fall in love with both of them.
But I don’t know, do I?
If you are crazy about both voices
Because you’ll fall twice as fast.
Because it feels twice as good.

I wonder what will happen in the end?

Whispering voices from both sides
The sound that goes round and round in my head

The more you listen, the more enthralled you become
The deeper you fall into hypnosis
A flood of words sent to you uninterruptedly
A wave of sound that pushes your head to a merciless climax

I don’t know what’s going on anymore
Drowning in pleasure
Just like that, to the climax of heaven
To the hell of pleasure

What’s up with that?

I already like both of your voices?
I’ve fallen in love with both of their voices?
I can’t go back to that, can I?
What if I can’t go back?
Okay, then.
I don’t have a choice.

I’ll break it for you.


02Relaxation Exercise(11min 20sec)
Pre-induction will be given during the relaxation exercise.
Please watch it for the first time as it is also a guidance.

03 Sound of Ecstasy Hypnosis (1 hr 3 min)
This is the full length version.
Be sure to listen to [Relaxation Exercise] before watching the first time.

04 Release (6 minutes 46 seconds)
This is a cutout of the deactivation audio only.
It is also included in the last part of the film.

This film consists only of dry climaxes.
This is the only dry climax in the film.
It may be quite tiring.

Total playing time: about 1 hour 22 minutes

Script/audio editing
Circle F-A-S
A blog introducing hypnosis works and creating your own.

Voice Actor
Mr. Sawano Popura
Under the Poplar Tree.

Ms. Natsuki Nogami

Ms. doskoinpo

This is a summer comics work.
It is a content that is whispered left and right, or at the same time, from the first caution to the last release, and is blamed by the sound.
This is a story about a woman who is being tortured with all her might, stoically, without any storyline.
I use music, but the music doesn’t make much of a statement, and the [sound] takes the lead.

As mentioned above, this time I’ll be using only suggestion, sound, and verbal abuse without any storyline, so I think anyone with M will be able to listen to this. I hope you will enjoy it.


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