【Wallaby Mochi】Hero’s Melancholy: First Training Edition 2

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#5, 30 Days:#29
Title:Hero’s Melancholy: First Training Edition 2
Maker:Wallaby Mochi
Release date:2015/10/25
Genre:Lotion, TransformationHeroine, “mansdaughter", StrongReceiving, Maid, handjob

A righteous hero trapped in a violet pheromone hideout and subjected to lewd training
Takeru Flamedo, aka Sunrise Passion.

Takeru is exhausted by the onslaught of maids who repeatedly attack him obscenely—.

I was worried that my body was getting weaker and weaker by the release of the energy.

Takeru was looking for an opportunity to make a comeback…

Genre : Boy’s Girl, Lotion, Maid, Hand Job, Kissing, Anal

32 pages of CG
Version without dialogue: 32 pages
○ Full color

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