【Enjoymentless Laughter Jade】3D Sound Icharabu Voice (Sister Friend ver.)

[Ranking]24 Hours:#10, 7 Days:#37, 30 Days:#97
Title:3D Sound Icharabu Voice (Sister Friend ver.)
Maker:Enjoymentless Laughter Jade
Release date:2015/09/29
Genre:Healing, sister, earcandling, twolovers, colortrick, Paizuri

You’ve suddenly decided to let your older sister, who used to play with you a lot, stay at your house.
It’s just you and your sister, with no one else in the family planning to come home.

As soon as she enters the house, she asks to go into your room.

She’s beautiful and makes me nervous, but she’s dressed so lightly, as if to tease you for not being able to look directly at her.

They hug you, breathe in your ears, and pamper you …….

After that, the older sister does whatever she wants to me, such as scratching my ears with her lap pillow and invading my bath.

She is spoiled and pampered by her big sister, and sometimes, when she tries to do something back, she doubles down.

And yet I don’t hate her at all because I used to love her. ……?

I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out.

Big sister CV: Ayaka Igasaki

Your sister’s friend, the one who used to play with you a lot.
Due to a trivial misunderstanding, she decided to stay at your house for the night.
I’ve been thinking about you for a long time, but when I saw you grow up, it seemed to make my heart flutter.
When a girl you like is in trouble, the pranks you play on her can go too far.
I’m actually secretly a carnivore.

Content file
(This work was recorded in the spring of 2014)

01Good Evening, Sister

02Temptation earworm

03Bathing together!

04I like it.

05Making out in bed!

06Good morning boyfriend

Total play time: about 120 minutes
File Format:wav

Extra:[Bathing together!] No SE ver, Package image, Main script

Staff (in no particular order – titles omitted)

Voice actress: Ayaka Igasaki


Scenario – Production: Jade Laughter


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