【Sawdust Palace】Successfully finding a job as a washing machine at Ten’ai Girls’ School! ~I’ll be back in a few weeks!

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Title:Successfully finding a job as a washing machine at Ten’ai Girls’ School! ~I’ll be back in a few weeks!

Maker:Sawdust Palace
Release date:2015/09/29
Genre:Fetish, maniac/pervert, leg, Socks, footjob, Reverserape

~Washing machine dispatch business confidential documents~

This project is a housekeeping service for ordinary women
Specially trained washing machines are sent to the client’s home through the intermediary of this company.
The washing machine will then be sent to the client’s house to be washed and deodorized clothes, socks, underwear, etc. by fully utilizing the functions it has acquired.
During the contract period, the client is considered to have transferred his or her human rights to the company.
You are not allowed to disobey the order and you are obliged to be completely loyal.
In addition, the washing machine should be desirable to those who are sexually aroused by the stench of women.
The more pronounced this tendency is, the more likely the washing machine is to achieve excellent results
In particular, washing machine No. 1131 retains outstanding deodorizing and washing functions, and has a very high reputation for service, boasting the highest rate of repeat customers.
The following is the story of washing machine No. 1131 when it was dispatched to [Heavenly Love School].
The following is a summary of what was recorded as an example of the service he received.
The following is a summary of the recorded service he received when he was dispatched to [Heavenly Love School].
I would like to see further improvement in washing machine education.

[Case 2, foot kusa girl]
-Awakening to the pleasure of conquering men with the smell of their feet, Akino Yugami humiliates washing machine 1131 today without change.
First, let him sniff his jacket, which is stained with foot stains and sweat grease, and captivate the washing machine 1131 with the rich smell.

Then, I use a belt to hold them to my face.
Nipple blame → lead to ejaculation by blame

After that, you can press the aged socks that have been fermented for a week on your face and mix them with saliva to create a vicious stench.
She seduced Washing Machine 1131 with her dense pheromones, and he couldn’t resist masturbating to her.

Then Akino Yukami takes a position behind the washing machine 1131 and
She covered his penis with her steaming socks.
Ear licking, nipple torture, and footjobs can bring you to your third climax. ……

-Jacket torture, nipple torture, metal pussy torture, sock torture, saliva torture, sock washing, footjob, sock sex, binaural ear licking

[sample dialogue]
[Yes, yes, yes!
I’m here again today, human washing machine!
Akino-chan came to the laundry room to help you.

It makes me happy, doesn’t it?]

[I see…
I want my stinky socks…
I’ve been tucked away in a pair of dull black tops.
You want these navy blue socks?
I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that I’m not the only one.

[I’ll use my free hands to tease your erect nipples
The girl’s nipples twitching sadly… like this…

I’ll tease your erect nipples with my free hands.
Haha, my body got more jumpy.

How do you feel? Does it feel good?] [

You didn’t think I was going to step on your dick, did you?
The most delicate part of a boy
The most sensitive part of a boy
Your precious, precious ball sack
ugh, I conquered it with stinky socks…]

[Hmmm, in a sweaty sock packet
Your face, I’ll steam you.
I’ll spice it up with the smell of your stinky feet.
I bet in 10 minutes
I think your face is going to be very juicy~]

[Oh, my dick is really jumpy.
Are you going to cum? Are you really going to come?
Are you going to climax from the worst sock smell ever?
With battery foot odor that has been aged to maturity.

What is the best way to do this?]

“Let it out, semen.

Can you get it in me?
I’d like to see you in my socks.
Here, all of them.
spewing perverted genes?]

[demo version]
-Contains about 9 minutes

[recording time]
-Total 73:25

・声優 山田じぇみ子様 http://www.voiceblog.jp/geministar/
イラスト kazo様 http://kazozak.blog.fc2.com/

[Important information]
-Particularly binaural audio is used in the main voice to create a sense of realism!

A version without sound effects is also included.

This is one of a trilogy.
The following is the first part of the trilogy: [I got a job as a washing machine at Ten’ai Joho Gakuen! ~Continued from [Successful employment as a washing machine at Ten’ai Girl’s School!

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