【Momoiro CODE】[176khz High Res] Dosouya Suzushiro – Rainy Day [Earwax & Massage]

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#1, 30 Days:#2, Annual:#11, Total:#109
Title:[176khz High Res] Dosouya Suzushiro – Rainy Day [Earwax & Massage]
Maker:Momoiro CODE
Release date:2015/06/06
Genre:healing, binaural/damihe, earcandling, handjob

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A slippery massage night with dummy body recording and
This is a healthy daytime set with rain sounds, a pendulum clock, and ear buds for sleep.
You can enjoy more natural movement and sound by using 172khz high resolution + dummy body microphone + AR script.

This is a set of ear-splitting naps on the porch while watching the rain.
After the rain, I got a lukewarm massage.
This is a two-part series for adults.
Enjoy the sounds of the countryside where there is nothing to do, rain or no rain.

An innkeeper in the countryside!
A creaking floor, an old clock, a slightly ill-fitting sliding door, and a country road with no cars on the road.
I’m not sure if you’ve ever met a country innkeeper like that.

This is a story about an inn in the countryside and a potato-like clerk who takes care of you.

Lunch is healthy! ●

It is a healthy nap earworm at noon.
It is for napping only.
There is no sweet bite, only ear scratching and ear rubbing, and the content is slow.

The irregular sound of rain and the regular pendulum sound of a bong clock make for pleasant content.
Easy to listen to, not too long and not too short, 40 minutes long.

The night is unhealthy! The night is unhealthy!
It’s a lukewarm massage at night.
A little too excitable for the waitress.
You will be slippered from behind because of your work.

In the evening, you will get a long ear lick and a massage afterwards.

Dummy body + smart glasses! ●

Dummy Body Microphone – 24bit/172khz Hi-Res plus
We have changed the medium of the script to smart glasses from this time. ●
The position of the script is not fixed, so the movement is more detailed and natural.
The dummy body is especially useful for massages that use a lot of the back.

The file size is nearly 5GB. The file size is nearly 5 GB. Please be careful of the storage capacity.

Please be aware that the file size is nearly 5GB.
There is a free application in the store that supports high-resolution playback, so please use that.

——– daytime[rainy day earworm]——–
1 rainy day.
2Shall I kneel for you?
3 Ear scratching and ear rubbing (left)
4Ear scratching and ear rubbing (right)
Total length
——– night [work massage (R-18)]
1 futon
2 shoulder slap
3 lukewarm shoulder rub
4Decollete sweet bite
5Help until it falls into place
6Back massage
Total length
+4 extra frames

Momoiro CODE
Voice: Mochi Yomogi
Other than voice: Momotori


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