【Gengorouza Theater Company】The Maid of Maids

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Title:The Maid of Maids
Maker:Gengorouza Theater Company
Release date:2015/05/15
Genre:Moe, manless, homosexual, Maid, Kneesocks, Lesbian/girlfriend

It’s another day, another trap for the master, Mistress Reiko.

Her unclothed appearance stimulates her dirty mind, and she takes advantage of her inability to move to play sexual pranks…

I’m going to use my fingers to trace and stimulate the important parts of a woman’s body between her open legs and feet.
She escalated her response to Miss Reiko and not only fingered her, but also used her mouth to touch her important parts. ……

I told that story to Chimi, and even though she refused to rub her pussy from behind.

Forcibly force a kiss, slip your tongue into her mouth, and turn her on.

They are naked on the bed and intertwine with each other.


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