【Kill Time Communication】Asuka, a fairy tale girl, is trying her best.

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Title:Asuka, a fairy tale girl, is trying her best.
Maker:Kill Time Communication
Release date:2021/04/10
Genre:fetish, lolita, MagicalGirl, Uniform, Gag, paleface, Creampie, Pregnancy/impregnation, Humiliation, Fellatio, Shame/embarrassment, Rape, Pregnantwoman, Whipped, insanity

[ebook drawn!]
Lolita magical girls Asuka and Mako.
I’ve been tricked into thinking I’m shooting an image video and I’m being sexually harassed all over the place!

As an idol, she also appears in kimono erotica.
Asuka, the magical girl of justice.
Today, we’re shooting a new film.
The other magical girl, Mako, joined us.
But as soon as they started, they were given a physical examination.
The old men on the film crew rubbed her loli tits all over.

And when the shooting location is moved to the train
It turns into a huge orgy involving all the passengers!

The “Yosei no Mahou Shoujo" series, drawn by Kiou.

Asuka and Mako are active in sex again!


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