【Angel Publishing】Tantacion’s Neighbors

[Ranking]7 Days:#9
Title:Tantacion’s Neighbors
Maker:Angel Publishing
Release date:2021/04/15
Genre:marriedwoman, marriedwoman, senior/junior, Officeworker, Foreigner, Decadence, immorality, immorality, Dailylife, Affair, Cuckoldry, Cuckoldry, tsundere, Creampie, Fellatio, MultiplePlay/Orgy, Cunnilingus, Bigtits, Brown/tan, whipped

Tantation = seduction. –Hiro Harukawa (Jin) is living alone in an apartment that her parents bought. It’s a story about a woman who is seduced by a man who has no idea what he’s doing. The residents are full of glamorous and sexy women, and she is tempted and seduced by them, and she becomes a harem! In addition to the five episodes of the title story, the book also contains five episodes of “A Bad Day," which depicts the day in the life of a carnivorous university professor and a timid student with a big dick.


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