Voiced Comics

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Title: Girl’s locker room in late summer – kidnapping and confinement of a boy
Maker:D ...

CG + Illustrations

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Title:Serious gal with complete depravity/Sa Sasaki
Maker:candy ramune
Release date:2021/05/01 ...


7 Days:#9
Title:Tantacion’s Neighbors
Maker:Angel Publishing
Release date:2021/04/15
Genre:marr ...


Not ranked
Title:Widowed Mother – Sayoko – A record of the copulation of parents and children living ...


7 Days:#18
Title:My Own Nasty Mothers .
Maker:Chloe Publishing
Release date:2021/04/01
Genre:glasses, ...


Not ranked
Title:I like her more than him.
Maker:Sanwa Publishing
Release date:2021/04/01
Genre:toy, ...

Magazine / Anthology

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Title:Comic hot milk thicker vol027
Maker:Core Magazine
Release date:2021/03/31
Genre:Coll ...


7 Days:#9, 30 Days:#19
Title:Hypnotic Sex Life 1 (Japanese)
Maker:Brain House
Release date:2021/03/31 ...

Digital Novel

Not ranked
Title:The Gun Hazard
Maker:Project Essence
Release date:2021/03/23
Genre:FemaleProtagonist ...