【Wani Magazine Co.】Still Lovely Girls

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Title:Still Lovely Girls
Maker:Wani Magazine Co.
Release date:2020/11/30
Genre:glasses, marriedwoman, sister, Student, Uniform, Maid, DailyLife, Cuckold, Cuckoldry, Creampie, Fellatio, MultiplePlay/Orgy, Gangbang, Bigtits, Brown/tan

Itoh Eito is a leading creator of immoral erotica that will make even immoral connoisseurs swoon.

Eight works from COMIC Shigarakuten, Wani’s first book, are packed full of enthusiasm!

And a senior with a dazzling sunburned boyfriend.
The matron with the languid big breasts.
The boyish childhood friend.
The seemingly innocent married woman.

Her breasts shake wildly as she goes wild!

The thick pubic hair is too obscene to resist!

Flirtatious sex and a sex toy!

Show-off cuckold sex and cuckold sex with love!

This is a book where sweat and lewd juices will wash away your sense of chastity.

Drinking Ate
Welcome to Yoko-so
Sex Best Friends
Whimsical Flirtation
Pacific Mate
Part Time Infidelity
My best wife.


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