【Slope Shanghai】Core Collection [Married Woman’s Intense Afternoon]

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Title:Core Collection [Married Woman’s Intense Afternoon]
Maker:Slope Shanghai
Release date:2017/12/20
Genre:glasses, mother-in-law, marriedwoman, Nakadashi, Titties, Fellatio, Lewd, MultiplePlay/Orgy, Bigtits

A must-have for instant gratification! A number of Core Magazine’s masterpieces are available at reasonable prices!

An anthology of the best of the best!
Sex with strangers is a way of life for married women. This anthology is a must have for any married woman.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a woman’s face like this.
I was so curious about the beautiful married woman who lived next door that I tried to force myself on her.

-A mother is being trained by her son’s friend. The demands of the game just get more and more intense.
-Mihoko is upset about a pregnancy she doesn’t remember. I remember the day when my son in law asked me to take a bath with him.
When Yukiko, a married woman, visits a massage parlor introduced by a friend, she can’t help but feel so good…

My son’s friend found out that I used to be a porn star. He begged me to watch it live because his aunt was so cute…

-Chihiro, who got married to a man who is not his age. She is attacked by her son-in-law when he reveals that her sex life at night is not going well.

[Included works]
Cover/Saka Shanghai
The first part of “egg or chicken" / Rocket Monkey(from MSC518[Primal])
Mom smells good/Saka Shanghai(from Comic Hot Milk December 2017)
Before being a mother / Torajiro Chrysalis (from MSC501 [Netorare Katare])
Where the couple is/clone human(from MSC515[Pearl Color Afterimage])
Temptation esthe commuter wife Yukiko/Keyaki Uchida(from MSC505[Connected Married Woman])
Mature cat pet / Hitori Aoi(from MSC362[Mature wife honey])
Hitori Aoi(from MSC362[Mature Wife Honey]) mantis nest first part/Kei Arai(from MSC465[After School Initiation])


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