【Satoshi Nozarashi】Don’t peek at NEO! IV

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Title:Don’t peek at NEO! IV
Maker:Satoshi Nozarashi
Release date:2017/05/16
Genre:fetish, maniac/pervert, anthology, Collars/chains/restraints, Diapers, Femaleteachers, Uniform, School/Academy, Cohabitation, Lovers, Creampie, Titties, Fellatio, Anal, Scatology, Bigtits/bigtits, Smalltits

Why don’t we all just be honest already?
The human body is a great way to get something out of your body!
I’m sure you’ll agree with me.
Patience is bad for you.
And what if the cute girl of your dreams is doing it?
I don’t know, isn’t it cute when your pet defecates?
And what if it’s the cute girl you love doing it?
Yes, it is!
Excretion is the cutest moment in an animal’s life.
We should have the right to enjoy it!

We should be able to enjoy it!
Witness the moments you most want others to see because you are embarrassed!

This is the happiest moment we could ever ask for!

Please make it happen in the magazine!
There is true beauty outside the boundaries set by the world!
Have the courage to step out!

[My ass that was immediately acquired] Satoshi Nosara
[My bitch girlfriend’s poop is so cute] Han Danchi
[Scadur ☆ Master] Saotome Mondo Suke
[Tomb of the Wild Chrysanthemums]Thin
[The Fallen Merry Girl] Goya
[Japan-Style]Satomi Hidefumi
[Secret play in the locker room] Shiinaha
[What fills the space between two people] Aruza Ryuto
[Secret Garden] Gero
Cover illustration by Hidefumi Satomi

This is a complete collection of 9 works, all new!

This anthology comic is also available as individual stories.


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