【PoROre:】Home Security Guard 2 Episode 2 Big Tits Elite Cousin – Reina – The Unspoiled Bride

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Title:Home Security Guard 2 Episode 2 Big Tits Elite Cousin – Reina – The Unspoiled Bride
Release date:2020/10/02
Genre:Cheating, Creampie, breastmilk, Lewd, Bigtits/bigtits, Bigtits/bigtits

Based on [Home Guard 2](Belzebub)

[rokudenaishinito] New chapter! Part 2!

Adult software circle that wants to aim for the ultimate entertainment tomorrow [BEELZEBUB].
This time the title is

[home security guard 2]

A cousin relationship with the protagonist, [Reina Haihara] is the target of this complete story!
It’s a sexual paradise where you can fuck all you want once you have the target’s weaknesses in your hands with the help of spy photography equipment!

With the payment of the spy photography price, your face will also become a death mask. ——

In order to protect the inheritance of the mansion, [Haibara Hikimori
In order to protect the inheritance of the mansion, [Haibara Himori] plotted to break the engagement of his cousin, [Reina Haibara].
Reina is tormented by the repeated actions.

The only thing that sustains her is the presence of her beloved fianc.
This is exactly what the home security guards are trying to do to her.
Reina’s vision is blocked and she is caressed.
The loneliness of not being able to see her fianc causes her to fall into an illusion of consciousness.
Reina indulges her carnal desires. As she moans lewdly, she eventually falls into the clutches of her home security guard.
Her dignified gestures fade away, and she becomes a female who simply devours her sexual desires.

An innocent bride who is about to get married the next day.
The bride’s dress is dyed white with the male’s desire poured into her body. ・・・・・・

Reina Haibara (CV: Sora Karasuma)
Daughter (eldest daughter) of Shiho Haihara, cousin of the main character Hikimori Haihara.
In her early twenties. A cool businesswoman who works as a clerk at a pharmaceutical company.
Big tits with E cups. Her engagement to Hikimori broke up, and she is about to get married to her new partner.
She has a clean and serious personality, and dislikes Hikimori, who is sloppy and a NEET.
She is a virgin. She has not had premarital sex with her fianc.
She knows about sex as much as anyone, but avoids it as a dirty thing.

Shiho Haibara (CV: Nerine Akimoto)
The younger sister (aunt) of Hikimori’s mother.
She is in her early forties. However, she looks more than ten years younger.
A neat and tidy Japanese woman with big F-cup breasts.
My husband committed suicide after having an affair with my sister (his mother).
She is raising her three surviving daughters (Reina, Aya and Narumi) with the assets of her own family, the Haibara family.
He is relatively fond of Hikimori as his nephew. He also believes that he is a good person at heart.
She is a chaste wife and has only had sex with her late husband.
The technique of service was taught to her by her ex-husband.

Shieri Haibara (CV: Amaguri Mukiko)
The adopted daughter of Aizen Haibara, the current head of the Haibara family.
She works at the mansion as Aizen’s personal maid.
She despises the NEET Hikimori.


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Home Security Guard 2


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