【The M-man Gentleman’s Nijikai】Evil Female Executives: Prilera’s M-manufacturing Factory

[Ranking]24 Hours:#14
Title:Evil Female Executives: Prilera’s M-manufacturing Factory
Maker:The M-man Gentleman’s Nijikai
Release date:2021/06/08
Genre:Noreversals, lewdwords, sexuallyexplicit, handjob, FootJob, Verbalabuse, ReverseRape, Bigtits/bigtits

Specially priced M-man slave training by a dominant female executive!

The first anniversary of the circle activity special price work
Pure Saint Series Episode 3
The story that continues to the final chapter!

The female leaders of the past and Pure Dark in the next and final chapter of the series.
New costume designs are an added bonus!

This is the third episode of the series.
If you read the synopsis, you can also enjoy it as a single story!


Prilera, the evil female executive, has a problem with her friends, Exora and Lulala.
I’ve heard that it’s possible to exploit a large amount of evil energy from the sexual desires of human men.
They were building a slave factory in one of the warehouses.
There, the remaining Sailor warriors, without pink, lost to the Evil Corruption
Pure Cyan and Pure Purple are coming.
But the two remaining Pure Saints know that they are coming.
Prilera, who foresaw the coming of the two remaining Pure Saints
To completely subdue them.
To completely subdue them…

[The slaves can’t stand it. My body.]

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a female executive train a M-man.

for M-men
color trick
No reversals
Full color comic 25 pages + alpha
Includes extra illustrations for character design


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