【Shiny Silver】Masturbation Personal Trainer’s Happy Training Course ~Vivien Chapter~

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Title:Masturbation Personal Trainer’s Happy Training Course ~Vivien Chapter~
Maker:Shiny Silver
Release date:2021/06/20
Genre:KinkyWords, Onnani, mediation, Jorashi

Masturbation Personal Trainer’s Happy Training Course ~ Vivien Chapter ~

A high intensity masturbation training course of about 1 hour and 18 minutes!

Some special training uses a lot of humiliation to destroy self-esteem and then uses rigorous training to build it back up.
This type of training may be painful, but it can create a stronger soldier.
Coach Vivien knows this and uses it in her masturbation sessions, all for the purpose of making the orgasm more intense.
If you can’t handle the training, then you’re better off playing alone and ejaculating uneventfully.

This class schedule will utilize the concept of high intensity intervals to bring the experience to an advanced level for over an hour!
A mix of pain and pleasure training, especially for students with a masochistic personality!

The length of this work is about 1 hour and 18 minutes

Artist:Dong Fang Qiao
Post-production, Video:RankJ


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