【Stajio cute】Fine crisis ~ fine witch princess of the big risk ~

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Title:Fine crisis ~ fine witch princess of the big risk ~
Maker:Stajio cute
Release date:2021/05/29
Genre:エルフ/妖精, 売春/援交, ファンタジー, Mid-Exit, Limbing, フェラチオ, Reep, Faerape


Ai-Lobiki, the witch princess of the Seikoku Kingdom of Kerry
As usual, she performs the style of sending magic to the elves.
Suddenly, the kingdom was attacked by a terrible monster.

When they fought with the monster, they couldn’t use magic to protect the country.
He was saved by his parents, Metiwus, after he had been struck down by magic.
However, no matter how safe the place is, the monsters will come after them.

To save Kerry
“If a brave man comes, there is also a law."
Metty Woods,
Ai took the kingdom that never was.
In the world of personality Sh’s ko awaits?

[Tour system]

-It’s for RPG.
It also has a model for those who are not good at it.

-Pregnancy/Armor Break
When the HP is less due to the person’s attack, the costume will be torn.
But will not be naked.
If the clothes are taken off the person will be naked, but unless the degree of promiscuity is not high no very escape.

-Sex system
You can have sex in alcohol without restricting your freedom.
There are some NPCs that will make requests.

– H View
View insulted mainly by monsters
The main story of Kinky View.


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