【Corrupt】After the Backgammon of Whoredom -Each of Our Daily Lives- vol3

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Title:After the Backgammon of Whoredom -Each of Our Daily Lives- vol3
Release date:2021/05/23
Genre:healing, fetish, ASMR, Succubus/Lascivious, Love/Love/Amaa, Sexchange(TS), Purelove, Futanari


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Total recording time
91 minutes and 50 seconds

Ms. Tyrol Oyama as Casey
Casey’s subordinate: Mr. Tyrol Oyama – Mr. Mioha – Mr. Masaki Sakura

A reunion with Casey, and the hospitality of a succubus in love

“You" are the man who met the blue-skinned soldier succubus Casey in [After the Whoredom Backgammon – Each Day – vol1] and was released as a human. You", who couldn’t forget Casey’s interrogation (or service as you call it), visits Casey again and is surprised by her. However, Casey has also been having a hard time remembering you, and has been living in agony. Casey is happy to see you again, and invites you to his room.

I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that I’m not the only one.

Casey is happy to see you again and invites you to her room for a

At the end of the day, Casey proposes that you become a succubus and come live with her.
What is your answer to that?

“It’s a lovey-dovey audio work with two different endings depending on your answer!


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