【BadDog】≪Fantasy Standing Material 02≫Black Cat Man

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Title:≪Fantasy Standing Material 02≫Black Cat Man
Release date:2021/05/17
Genre:Blueman, Brother, catnip

Fantasy standing material

This is a set of stand-up art materials that can be used for games, TRPGs, doujinshi, and other purposes without restrictions.

Please make sure to check if you can open and handle the data from the trial version before purchasing.

[Terms of Use]
You can use the software regardless of whether it is a paid or free work, age restriction, or genre of work.
Reported use – no credit is required.
You are free to enlarge/reduce, add differences, process, etc.

PSD (can be opened with CS4 or later) / PNG with transparent background, contains 4 kinds of standing pictures.
Resolution is 150dpi.
The PSD contains a montage of facial expressions that can be combined as you like.


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